Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Let's talk Revival!!!

Oh yeah I said REVIVAL!!! Looking at the problems that our country and world are suffering from, just add to the arguement for the need of Revival here in the United States. Churches are not growing as fast as the communities around them. Yeah many are growing but I dont see any growing at 22% or so. Our community here grew about 22% but the churches havent reflected that growth. North Carolina grew by more than 100000 transplants between 2006-2007. Many of that 100000 is considered un-churched. I heard a preacher talking about how the church has miss out on 2 generations of harvests, and seem to be stuck in 1950. I agree! We need to be reaching out every way that we can. We need to step out of our comfort zones, into the uneasy and harvest what is ready and plant for the future. We need to get fired up for Christian Witnessing and Christian Service. It's not about being Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, or Penacostal, It's all about being a Disciple of Jesus Christ and reflecting His Light. Revival is the only way our Nation will ever get back on the right track. Who says that Revival cant start in Cornelius NC? Who says that 2000 member church cant be where the next great revival begins? By exercising our Mustard Seed sized faith, the mountain will move. God will use that 2000 member church to reach the world! Now is the Time for "Gentle Boldness". It's time to be Loving yet very Honest and Leading. The Old and Tired have labored over the seeds they have planted, we have to Harvest a much over due Fruit!!! Then we need to replant immediately!!! I am asking everyone to pray for Revival! This is a important Prayer! Pray and Fast about it...... Yes, the Big Fella said FAST.... Look up online Revival and the early 1900's......
Get Passionate and introduce people to Jesus Christ!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Faith the size of a Mustard seed does move Mountains!

The title was from the lesson in Mark our youth pastor led this past sunday night. Believe it or not it's true. How often do we think things are too big to deal with? How often do we shrug our shoulders and give up on what's pulling at us? I just watched my churchs missions video from this past summer. Looking at the faces of those touched by these missions ministries absolutely drives this mustard seed theory. Just the smallest of things have meant so much to many of the people we were in contact with. One man gave us gum all week. That was all he could do for us but it was very meaningful. He would buy a thirty-five cents pack of gum......now that's a mustard seed. I grew a nasty crazy beard so that I would be more "approachable", that was a mustard seed. Those involved probably remember the "Taking it to the Streets" project we did with the youth, that was a mustard seed. We simply gathered items for the homeless and made hot chocolate for them and distributed the items in downtown Charlotte. Billy Graham started his ministry as a mustard seed. By putting your Faith in Jesus Christ, you have been given a mustard seed. What will you do with it? Will you feed the hungry? Will you house the Homeless? Will you Clothe the Naked? Will you teach the illiterate? Will you visit the lonely? God has given you a mustard seed. I'm excited to see you put your mustard seed to work.