Thursday, May 6, 2010

National Day of Prayer, The Line in the Sand.....

First off, I'm not sure what happened to my last post.....must've been to much truth for google to handle all at one's a conspiracy! LOL!
Anyway that's not what I'm writing about in this session.
Have any of you been a little miffed about the news stories that surround this National Day of Prayer (NDP)? First a 2 bit judge declares it unconstitutional, then Franklin Graham gets kicked out from the Pentagon's gathering. Folks believe it or not, this is persecution! This should make you want to pray that much more!!!
Franklin actually confirmed something I was thinking when he said he wanted to hug that judge! This year's NDP has gotten more press than previous years and has more people fired up than usual.
Well folks, let this year be the line in the sand. The persecution will only get worse from here on out. Take this years NDP and mold it into your daily prayer time. Most folks pray once a day, even if it's just a very short "Thank You Lord". Let's all become disciplined enough to have an intentional prayer that includes our government in all levels and the social behaviors around us.
Personally we should consider Everyday a National Day of Prayer as we talk to God. We as a praying people should not settle for one day, but make it EVERYDAY! The NDP is a good thing as far as bringing everyone together for one big corporate prayer, but it's easily made into a social event. With our ability to act as a Pharisee more often than we'd like to admit, the NDP can fuel that fire within us. Don't get me wrong with that last statement!!! I do SUPPORT a NDP but only if it's done for the right reasons.
Mark this day on your calenders y'all. Within the next few years we may be told that we can not pray and the NDP will be removed from our Federal Governments grounds. They WILL NOT keep us from praying!!! Whether it's an announced NDP or in the quite darkness of our bedrooms at night, we need to keep praying and doing so more fervantly!
That's just what was moving in me right now and I wanted to share. Thank you for reading and hopefully fighting this good fight! Remember to join in the praying today as many of your brothers and sisters will be taking prayer to heart and lifting up this nation, their local governments, communities, natural disaster relief, and topics from a broader spectrum than I can imagine.
Peace and Chicken Grease,