Friday, February 13, 2009

ABC News: How to Help the 'Children of the Mountains'

Did you all see the 20/20 special on TV about the Poor and Needy of Appalachia? I've read some of the post on the ABC website. Some were quite moving and other comments were simply ignorant. Yes I realize there are poor people everywhere, and yes addiction is everywhere. But what exactly are we doing to help? Many people acted like they were appalled at Diane and ABC for airing the story. The truth is We All Need the exposure!!! Maybe we should confront those that were so insulted by this show and just flat out ask, "What are you doing to make this situation better"? Several people made the point that they Hoped the President was watching....well that could be good and bad.... they could use the help, but just like everything else the government touches They will Screw it Up!!!! So what should we do? Well Kiddo's I'm glad you asked!!! There are several agencies that reach out to those of Appalachia (not just Kentucky, it's a problem all over the place) and give assistance. One such group is Appalachian Service Project (ASP) and they make Homes Warmer, Safer and Dryer. Hundreds of youth, college students, and adults assend upon the mountains of Central Appalachia to work on homes for the people living there. I've seen people go from hopeless to having hope within a week, just because a group of people from outside their community comes in and Loves on them and does a little bit of construction work. But wait that's not the only organization, there is also Carolina Cross Connection who features the hills of North Carolina. But Wait!!! Maybe you cant make it on one of those trips, Habitat for Humanity is EVERYWHERE!!!! But Wait There's more!!! So you aren't handy with a hammer? Have you ever served in a soup kitchen or led a Bible study at the Homeless Shelter? Of course you havent!!!! You'd rather sit on your Butt and complain that Diane Sawyer is exploiting the poor people of Kentucky..........
Now to those people that were moved by the show, I was moved too! I know that if the show put a burden on your hearts, you will act! So I say to all of my brothers and sisters that did have a burden placed on there heart by this ABC Special.....
Let's go out and Change THIS World!!!!


Appalachia Service Project