Friday, December 21, 2012

26 souls and we argue over nit

I have been holding my tongue for a few days now about the Sandy Hook school shooting.  I heard what Mike Huckabee said, and I can't disagree.  Yes I do believe that God is everywhere and I do greet Him with open arms....most of the time.  Huckabee, being a Baptist, also knows God is everywhere.  The thing that gets me is that the headlines of the Liberal media announce "Huckabee says School Massacre is because God isn't in the Schools" and Huckabee simply didn't say that.  I did hear a comment he made that was something similar to "We have tried to systematically remove God from the Schools".......and I also heard "instead of pleading with God after a tragedy, we should let Him in on the front end..."  So, what did Huckabee say wrong when he was asked "where was God during this"?   This week I have seen some preachers that I hold in very high regard, claim the Huckabee's comments were "Heretical".  I disagree.  The one I will call the ring leader is a very educated man, but isn't really listening to what was said.  He seems to be letting the liberal media lead his thoughts.  Here is why I say  this.....
1)  People have removed Daily Prayer from our schools.
2) Teachers are not allowed to openly display their Faith.  They are to wait until someone asks about what they believe.
3) It is okay to teach openly as an Atheist
4) The lines that separate what a student and or teacher can and can't do as a Christian on Campus are so distorted, it is difficult for Administrators to determine exactly what is allowed....many times the err on the side of caution and actually infringe on the rights of Christians.

With that, Is God Still in the School?  Yes.  Is it evident that He is? No, not unless you are actively seeking Him.  Therefore it has been phrased "God has been taken out", and this phrase is used for all sorts of Government applications as well.  The more accurate phrase would be " God is being kept at arms length".  If that phrase were used, it would be apparent that God is still in the Schools, but people are choosing to keep him at arms length and separate from their lives.
Something that concerned me about these pastors commenting against Huckabee is it appears to be more like driving a wedge between the brotherhood than a solution or even an attempt to decipher what was said in the interview.  I really feel that instead of just wanting to argue with a Baptist or whatever denomination, you should be looking and jumping at ways to bring us together regardless of denomination....There IS a bigger picture.  It is ridiculous to throw denominational punches and disguise them as another, much more serious subject.  Many more comments like these the past week or so, and I will have to reconsider the level of regard I have for these people.

I leave you with these thoughts.  If you keep God at an arms distance now, and pretend He doesn't exist, what effect will that have on your eternal address?  What if we did ask God to join us each day in the schools instead of hiding Him?  and removing the evidence that He is there?  What if Teachers could teach from a Christian perspective instead of having to teach from the "World View"?

Think about it.....