Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lord Help Me, I'm Falling...

If you haven't noticed yet, the World is in trouble.  Have you been moved by the crash and then roller coaster ride your investments are on? Did the whole "debt ceiling crisis" make you worry?  Does it seem the Natural Disasters are continually getting stronger and more frequent? 

Well folks those are not the problems, they are but symptoms.  They are the signs of the times.  If I didn't Love y'all, I would completely turn my back and not mention it.....but I just can't turn.  I know that we all need to seek Jesus.  I know we all need to ask forgiveness of our short comings.  In no way are you to come to Jesus after you get your life straight.... You are to come to Jesus to get it straight.  Funny how that works eh?  So many people feel that they aren't living exactly right, so they have no place in the Church.  That's just not true!  Then you hear folks talk about the hypocrites in church.... where is there a better place to seek help than at the foot of the cross?  The Truth is, Christians still sin.  That's not saying that Christians continue to live the same life as before the became Christians.  It's saying that they still mess up, and regardless of how unintentional the sin was, it was still a sin.  So what is the difference between those that have chosen to be Christ followers and those that have chosen against it?  Both have sin, check.  Both have been given the free gift of salvation, check.  The Christian accepts the gift, and repents of those sins.  There is a reason that the Christian Life is often called a walk in faith.... Although I have made a decision to follow Christ, I do mess up, but as a follower I am convicted and pray for forgiveness.  The longer I am on this walk, and the closer I build my relationship with Christ, the more proactive my decisions will become.  Will I ever not sin? No, but I may sin less.  If you are currently feeling like you could never measure up and just don't belong in a church....  Get up with me.  You're right that you'll never measure up, except through the Blood of Jesus Christ.  Through Him we are made sinless in the eyes of God.  

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Ho on the Corner Revisited

Several months ago I mentioned the Ho on the Corner.  I was getting lunch at the time and was thinking about how would someone ever be able to help The Ho.  It would be near impossible to do with out risking arrest.  Well, tonight......LOL!!! No I didn't get locked up!  I was confronted in the local Food Lion parking lot by a Crack Ho.  The first words out of her mouth were Hey (long drawn out hey might I add), where you going?  I just laughed a little bit and replied, I'm going home to feed my dawgs.  (I don't have but one dog and I've been feeding him in the mornings before I's just been working out better that way.)

Now I wasn't ugly to her, but I wasn't as receptive as she was hoping either.  In other words I was just Not friendly enough that the conversation ended right there.  Then I got in the truck and got to thinking.  Then I said to myself, "Self"  you've been chomping at the bit for an opportunity like that one where you could share just a little bit of Jesus.....and you were too busy to do it.  Wow!  Talk about a slap in the face!  But my wife was waiting to go to Target......How much time is a Soul worth? mmm....  See that's just the thing about trying to follow Christ, when you don't, you're convicted.  The guilt didn't last too long, because another thought entered my mind-- What if that woman at the well was trying to pick up Jesus?  Jesus told her to go home to her "husband".  Then you know what she said, "I'm not married"....but Jesus knew because he asked about the one she was currently with.  This whole thing was like a revelation, Jesus didn't walk away or turn His back.  Jesus, when talking with the woman at the well, gently guide the conversation.
Now I'm looking back figuring I missed an opportunity, but the encounter may have been set up so that I would think about the Bible story in the light I did.  I have to remember that a lesson learned is valuable too.  Maybe instead of taking a chance to share, I needed to take that time to listen.
Yes, God is Good All The Time!