Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rock That Vote Baby!!!

I've been really praying and searching for answers concerning this election. I haven't been remotely impressed by any candidate in recent history. I think we have let our country fall in a rut. I think we are not getting the best people running for office. We are getting those that have compromised their beliefs and sold their souls for the almighty vote (or dollar). I've been thinking about this for a couple of days and the closer the events come, the stronger I'm feeling about it. There are 2 BBQ's coming up, both being a place of campaigning, one is large the other is huge! I've been praying on this and want to offer the idea out to the world. I plan on asking the politicians if I can pray with them as a group at both events. If I get refusals I have one answer to one question. I really hope to pray with and for all of the political warriors. Now as far as a Presidential choice, I'm writing in Chuck Baldwin from the Constitution Party. They are based on the Constitution and Christian Beliefs. I know he has no chance of winning and I refuse to pray that any particular candidate will win, but I will pray for all of their hearts and that they will experience great conviction with every choice they make. I am looking forward to meeting many people at the Mallard Creek BBQ, and at Mt Zion United Methodist BBQ. I would like everyone to pray that they will respond to me in a positive manner. I also have a prayer I have been praying for the last few weeks. It was written Pastor Thomas Trask and prayed at a fasting and prayer meeting in 1994. I think it is a beautiful prayer and is very much on target. Please join with me in praying this!

A Prayer For Revival

Father God, we come before Your throne to humble ourselves and pray, to seek Your face and turn from our wicked ways.
We have sinned against You, O Lord. We have disobeyed Your clear commands. We have not loved You with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. We have not loved our neighbors as we love ourselves.
Forgive us, O God. Heal our lands. Send a spirit of repentance. Let it sweep across this nation. Let the purging fire of revival begin in my heart and in Your Church. Let it spread through every community, every town, every city in America and around the world.
Establish righteousness, we pray. Let the bad roots that produce the bad fruits be burned out of our lives. Father, we ask that godly leaders would be raised up and elected to public office at every level. And that ungodly leaders will be removed. May Satan’s hold on government be broken and righteous rule be established. May Your kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
This prayer we persistently pray in the name of Jesus and for the glory of God. Amen.
That's it y'all!
Peace and Chicken Grease,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sinners Like Me

The title of this blog isnt just a song by Eric Church, it's my life. Have you ever heard "your sin will find you out"? Well it will! I think back sometimes about my crazy years...... you know the ones where you say to the folks around you "I must have lost my mind for a few years back then" or "what the heck was I thinking". But I think back sometimes and it continually reminds me that God is Good ALL the Time! God and I have talked a whole lot over the past few years. While I was "in the world" or living for my own selfish reasons, I struggled continually looking to be happy. I continually tried to find what was missing that would fill that hole I had in my life. The more money I made, the harder I partied, the more crap I bought, the hole just got bigger! It's so hard to believe that a lifestyle change can give such peace, but it did for me and will for whoever makes that same change. I litterally made God my #1 priority in my life. God has become the one I talk to most everyday. All my sins from my "crazy" period have been washed away by the Blood of my Savior Jesus Christ. We saw just a few clips from The Passion of Christ on our youth retreat last weekend. I realize so much of that movie is Hollywood, but much of it follows Scripture too. As I watched the clips, I remembered that Jesus did that for me. The movie could in no way depict the actual events that took place during the crucifixion, but Mel Gibson made an effort. The torment and pain that was depicted in the movie that Jesus endured for us, was just a small part of it. The movie cant show it because it was so much worse in real life. At one point in the filming of the movie, the actor that played the role of Jesus, was hit with the cat of nine tails......with just one hit it took his breath and bruised his ribs. Just imagine (rent the movie), what is shown in the movie is not even as bad as what Jesus dealt with, yet in the movie it was very tough to watch and makes people cry uncontrolabley...and that is just a little bit of the Truth!....... Jesus did it to pay for me being selfish and greedy!!!!
Jesus did it all for you and everyone you know as well. Sometime over this weekend, maybe instead of hanging out with folks you know arent helping you in places that are kept dark for a reason, Seek out Jesus. Jesus is right there waiting for you. Enjoy the peace that He gives, that you cant find anywhere else! It's great for Sinners Like Me.
Peace and Chicken Grease Y'all

Monday, October 13, 2008

It's not too late, and the future looks GOOD!!!

We just spent a weekend with 20 awesome teenagers. Week #2 of Tsunami ministries Fall event was this past weekend and I really got to hang out with 20 of the coolest kids around. There were some folks that I wish could have gone and we missed them, but the ones that did get to go were a joy to be around. This has to have been one of the best retreats I've been on. I would recommend this event to any youth pastor looking to schedule an event for his/her group.
The big thing was when Steve "brought it"! The one two combo of the bands video, and Steves sermon made for a very fruitful alter call. Yeah the future looked real good on Saturday night! If you're a youth reading this, get involved in your churches youth group. If you're and adult, volunteer in some capacity with your churches youth. So Look up Tsunami ministries and watch their YouTube videos, and sign up for next years weekends! Also look up their Prime youth workers meeting this spring. It's at Mt Zion and is going to be a great event for youth workers.

I'm out