Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Right Here, Right Now.......

Many times I have said that the time to accept Christ is upon us.  This time is no different.  You may not have tomorrow, you may only have today to make a decision concerning your eternal address.  In this world we are faced with addiction, the kind of thing that creates a void so deep in your life that you are embarrassed and need to fill that try to shake it but you can't.  The void in your life will never be filled with fruits, deserts, beers, smokes, or porn.  The void in your life can only be filled with Jesus.  Satan will whisper in your ear that you are disgusting, that you're an embarrassment, you're weak, you're pathetic, you're a sinner, you can never make up for what you've become.  You see, all that is BULL!  We belong to a Lord that has paid for us.  Bought and Paid.  As Christians we are the only religion that has a God that requires us to be pure and sinless to be acceptable.  The kicker is He provides us a Sinless Savior to cover all of our short comings.  We have to accept the Grace that He and only He can offer.  Fill your void with Jesus! 
What if tomorrow you find out that you are at the end of your life?  What if you, a relatively healthy person but you go in for a Doctor appointment and come out with a whole new diagnosis?  What if it's Cancer?  What if it's something that there is no cure? Where do you turn?  Any person reading this right now could be at the end of their life.  Do you want to leave this life without hope?  Without the Great Hope?  Jesus has given a Hope like no other to ALL who accept Him.  Do Not Go to bed tonight without knowing where you'd be if you did pass away tonight.  Jesus talks about the road being wide, but the gate narrow.  Although many folks may make it to the gate, only those that have accepted Him will enter the gate.

Lord, I know this to be true.  You are the One True God. Jesus you are The Way, The Truth, and The Life.  Please Lord come live with in my heart as I confirm You as my Lord and Savior, through the acceptance of a Grace that I am undeserving.  Please forgive me of my wrongs with Grace that only You have offered a sinner like me.  I do not deserve to be forgiven, but You forgive me anyway.

Praise God!