Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Whore on the Corner

I was driving down a street in Charlotte today, going to get some lunch... From the corner of my eye I spied a hooker walking up out of some tall grass. It was raining just a little. She was or could have been fairly attractive....meaning she wasn't completely cracked out. I think she was my age give or take a few years. Watching her actions as I sat in the Cook Out drive thru, she was jittery and seemed to be looking for a "fix" as she walked toward a cheap motel. What would the world have thought if I would have pulled up and handed her lunch? Ya know the first thought I had was disgust that turned to heart ache. I realized that no matter how bad she was in need, not only would she be judged by the public, but anyone who helped her would be judged as well. If someone pulled up to just let her get out of the rain and have a safe place to sit just for a while, they would be looked at in a bad light regardless of their intent. You know the police would jump all over the chance to catch anyone that stopped near her. In the police's defense, not many folks would stop just because they were wanting to help. I just couldn't help but think,"If no one can stop and help her then how can she ever get out of that enslavement"? Well, I finally got my food and pulled back out then down the ramp onto I-85 and I guess she had made it to the motel she was walking toward.......Now I know she isn't living right and I know she's probably not even making an attempt to live right.....And I know what she is doing is frowned upon by most, and doesn't make Jesus very happy......But He still Loves her. Despite the despicable, low down, dirty, life she lives..... Jesus absolutely loves her and hung on the cross just to save her.....and she may not even realize just what He did...for her. So folks, here's my question for you..... With it possibly being perceived as an attempt to pick up a prostitute, how do you evangelize? This question is on my mind and I can't come up with many good answers. We know we need to share the Gospel, even with the Prostitute on the Corner...but how? The only way I have thought of so far is to do it in pairs, as Jesus sent out the Disciples. But other than that, how? I need your ideas on this, and maybe your thinking about this will lead you or someone else into an Outreach for these people in need. Either post comments here or send me a message on facebook, or even email me. I just want to pick your brains for a bit.
Peace y'all and God bless you!