Monday, April 4, 2011

A Fathers Love

For 14 months now I've been a Daddy.  It's better than I could ever describe.  The last few weeks my babies have been sick.  They've had ear infections,  rashes, teething......and you name it.  Well this morning my little man wakes up with a 102+ fever.  We take the two to the Doctor this afternoon and come to find out he has an ear infection in each ear now.   As I got the twins ready for bed tonight I changed my boy into his pajamas.  Instead of the usual scuffle, he just whined a little then laid there barely able to keep his eyes open.  I just rubbed his head with a cool wet wipe and he was just wiped out.  When I took his temp at that point he produced a 101.3 on the ear thermometer which would be about 102 on the rectal.  I was completely heartbroken by the pain my little man is going through.  Just thinking about the heartache this is causing me, I can't help but think about the heartache involved in Jesus' suffering.  Knowing how much I love my children and how I don't like to see them suffer, and then thinking about how much more God loves us and loves His Son......How heartbroken was He on that Easter when Jesus hung from the cross?  Imagine watching your only son being beaten, being cursed, spit upon, degraded, and slowly suffocated....... That's why we are not God (regardless how important we think we are),  because we would have done away with the whole of humanity right then.  I just can't imagine how He kept His plan together and didn't just cut it all loose because of the treatment of His son. 

Not only did Jesus come to teach us, He came to save us.  He came to save me and He came to save you too.  So when you kiss your babies and put them to bed tonight think about how much you love them, then consider just how much more God loves you and them.......more than we are even capable of loving....

It's just overwhelming.