Friday, August 26, 2016

August is a tough one

I hope this writing finds you all well.  I hope you have continued working to better your relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

August is a tough month in my family now.  I haven't talked with my sister in a few weeks but I know August has been tough on her, because it has been tough on me too.  Tomorrow we end the week of celebration for my dad's birthday.  No we haven't partied all week but we have remembered.  August holds both my mom and dad's birthdays and their wedding anniversary.  My mom was on the 16th and so was their anniversary.  My dad was sometime between the 22 and the 27...actually a pretty good story there!  Ask me about it sometime.  

Remembering my Mom and Dad on their Birthdays and Anniversary is just a hard fact of life.  The memories are sweet but the waiting to see them again is what is so so bitter.  So many times I've wanted to call either my mom or my dad to tell them about something the kids did or said.  So many times I've wanted to call and run an idea passed one of them.  So many times I've just wanted to cry because I miss them.  More than once I've had to excuse myself when I've been reminded of them.  I've just had to walk off and be out of sight to regain my composure.  

I mostly wish my kids had more time with mamaw and papaw.  I wish they had more time to know them.  I don't want their memories to fade.  I want my youngest to have memories too.  I want to hear "peaches and strawberries, so sweet so sweet so sweet" from my dad as he holds my kids and my nieces new baby.  

I'm going to keep it short and sweet tonight.  Continue to pray for us and each other.  Thank you all for supporting and loving on my family.