Saturday, November 29, 2008

Are you really Standing or are you just Sinking?

That's a really good question to ask ourselves. Are we Standing or are We really Sinking? I heard a preacher talking a few months ago and his point was really a good one. How many people reading this either know someone or personally have a cell phone, PDA, or ipod? How many people have all three? Maybe it's all 3 wrapped in 1! How many people use these tools everyday? If these were forgotten at home, how many people would turn around to go back and pick them up? Now, how often do you personally use these products in your everyday interactions? Over the past several months I have just started "getting in the Word" almost everyday. I have an hour for lunch and I've started using 1/2 or less of that time for lunch and emailing, then I've been using the other half to read His word. I just recently, within the past week, got a Bible I carry that fits inside my coat pocket. Now I can carry a Bible everywhere! You see the whole point of all of the prior questions was to point out that we have certain things that we are attached to, that are really not so important. Now, who do you know that carries a Bible like they carry a cell phone, PDA, or ipod? Would they turn the car around if they forgot their Bible? Shouldnt the Bible take a Higher position than our ipod? Shouldnt we put more emphasis on studying Gods word, than the use our social tools? If I'm really trying to build a personal relationship with God, shouldnt I take the time I spend studying His word and the time I spend talking with Him more sincerely? I think maybe I should give Him the majority of my attention. It's has gotten so easy to get distracted from what is really important. We all have the electronic devices, but they may be driving a wedge between us and God...... But the Devil wouldnt give us a distraction from God would he? See the Devil takes something good and perverts it to the point that it isnt good, like it was originally intended. I hope you will all join me over these next few weeks of Christmas time to realize just how we've allowed ourselves to get "busy". Maybe as we spend times with our familys and the phone rings or we get a text, just put it off until later. Take one of the 15 minute breaks we get at work and get in His word, and ignore the phone, texts, and emails....just for that 15 minutes. Lets take this season and really prepare our hearts for what the season was intended.
Peace out my people,

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Can a Terrorist Go to Heaven?

Can a Terrorist go to Heaven? Imagine a man that hunts down and attacts the innocent. A man that Kills because of a Religious Law. A Man that thinks Christians should have their heads cut off just because they are Christians. This man is a wealthy, educated man. Does this sound a little like radical Islam? Maybe even Osama Bin Ladin? Well actually I was thinking of Saul of Tarsus, or the Apostle known as Paul......yeah the one that wrote the majority of the New Testament.
I heard an evangelist speak about this on a podcast, and he asked if we were praying for Osama?! He said imagine the reaction of the Disciple that got the call to approach Saul.
I believe the disciple was named as Aninias.... look that up.... I'll just call him the disciple. He got the call from God.... He's pumped up ready to serve. God tells the disciple where to meet someone, and the disciple is absolutely Stoked about it.... Then God tells him the name of the one He wants the disciple to meet...... I can just imagine the reaction. It would probably have been like Moses' "take my brother" statement when God called him to service, just more intense! I could hear the disciple say "Whoa..... that's the guy that has been killing Christians!!! and you want me to do what??? But ultimately he proved his faith in the Lord and did as he was told. Pauls heart was then changed forever, and in turn promoted the Kingdom of our Lord.
Paul was doing what he had been trained as being right within his religion....remember he was a Pharisee?!?
So What about Bin Ladin? He is doing the same thing! He is doing what he thinks is right based on a religion that believes that jews and Christians should be killed..... I have the data to back that up too...... (contact me for the reference). So what should we do? Pray! Pray for Bin Ladin, that he too would be contacted as was Saul/Paul. Imagine the witness Bin Ladin would have in the Islamic World! Prayer warriors you know what to do!
Now Let's Change this World!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Welcome to America.... Where you still reap what you sow!

As I mentioned before I wasnt shouting cheers of Joy for any candidate this year, and have kind of been a little discouraged by the choices that were available on the ballot. I did not want Obama as President!!! Nor did I want McCain!!! Obama as President isnt the end of the United States although some may claim to be able to see it from here. This is a matter of "Reaping What We Sow". When you live in a society that believes in Divorce is a cure all for marital problems, abortion is a form of birth control, GREED and Selfishness, that you've got to step on as many people as you can to climb the ladder of success......then there is our problem. How can we expect to have a representative that represents truth? In a nutshell it all comes back to us, the American people. We are not living a life that is representation of who we claim to be. "Oh I've been a member of that Church all my life"....... and then you're going to divorce court instead of working out problems with your spouse. What does that teach your children? We have gotten away from being pro life too! I have become a believer that abortion is no less than murder. I can understand the argument of rape, and life threatening situations, but Abortion should in no way be a "birth control" method! Just less that 30 years ago Corporate executives made a wage in the ratio of 30:1 of what there employees made, as of just a few years ago the executives were making several hundred times that of the average employee. The stats mean either the executive is making too much, or the employees are making too little, or both!!! And it is all rotate around greed. These are just ways we have been programed over the past 40-50 years. It has come a time that we Become who we claim to be. We need to be the Christian that we tell everybody we are.
As I will and have been doing, step back from your life for a few minutes everyday and analyze "HOW YA LIVIN". If you can see a Habitual Sin, Hatred in your Heart, or anything that doesnt represent who you think you are as a Christian.....Pray about it!!!! Pray that your life will change and you can be the Christian example that you have always wanted to be. Make the change from Hypocrite to Saint!!
If you contact me, I'll pray for ya! But be warned you might be given some sins I need prayed for too! We just absolutely got to come together and build each other up and hold each other accountable as Brothers and Sisters in Christ.
Peace and Love y'all