Monday, June 1, 2009

Where do you get fed? I bet you're Hungry too!

Here's a question that needs to be answered..... Where do you get fed? I'm not talking McD's or Bojangles or KFC.... I guess I should be more specific.... where do you go to feed yourself spiritually? Many people attend church every week on Sundays but never attend any of the other functions thru the church. There are all kinds of Small Group Bible studys out there. They range from financial to faith building and pretty much any topic in between. When I was working out several years ago I learned that if I wanted to get stronger, I had to eat more meals. For the workout to be most effective it's been recommended that the one in training eat about 5 small meals a day. This lets the food digest better, allows the body to absorb the nutrients better, and boosts metabolism, thus making the body more efficent. The same school of thought works for faith building. We all eat more than one meal per week right? Most of us only make it to church once a week..... are we getting the spiritual nutrients we need to grow in our faith? We all know that the church has many meals planned eat week but how many do we consume? Okay there is Sunday School to go with Worship.....Monday night? How about Tuesday? I know for a fact that atleast one Tuesday a month there is a Womens group at my church ( I mention this because it's an awesome opportunity)......Then on Wed...I think EVERY church has something on Wed....... I guess that's enough examples..... most of my readers are smarter than I am and have already gotten the point....... There are more "meals" than just on sunday. I realize too that sometimes it feels like you have to break thru a barrier to join a small group. If you aren't comfortable with the groups that are offered, invite 5-10 friends over for a very casual Bible study.....and I know you have that many folks around you that would be there. One thing we've done in the past that is very easy to start is a small prayer group. We started meeting at a restuarant on saturday mornings, having breakfast and just lifting up concerns and praises. We've met as a small group in a coffee shop.....sipping a mocha latte and reading thru The Purpose Driven Life....We've met for a spiritual gifts study at church, a financial study, just good old fashioned fellowships, and witnessing studys.......
I hope this has given you a few "meals" you'd like to explore.... If you realize that you have not been getting fed like you need, and can't find what you are looking for Get in Touch with me.... we can work through some thoughts and pray about it and maybe find a study that you can attend or even facilitate ( I like the word often means you don't have to know much to lead the study....that's what I look for personally).
Peace out ya