Saturday, September 10, 2011

D-I-V-O-R-C-e Sho me some evidence!

I mentioned a while back about divorce and how it affects those around the couples involved.  I want to revisit that topic and issue a challenge.  We have been bombarded by divorce the last couple of years.  Divorce hurts everyone that has a stake in the failing relationship.  It's not just the couple that is getting divorced, it's the children, it's the neighbors, it's the friends from church... it's EVERYONE remotely involved.  What is even worse, is when some one believes the Bible is True, yet they feel that God has led them in a certain path that is clearly unBiblical.  How do you test to see if God is telling you something or if it's a deception?  You test it with the Bible, the Holy Word of God.  So if you believe the Bible is true, then what scripture is there that will hold fast to a decision to divorce your spouse... What scripture supports a decision to commit adultery?  What scripture allows us to have a god other than Yahweh?

Here is the Challenge: If You Find me Biblical reasons to support the argument of a non-adulterous or non-abandonment divorce, I'll buy you a delicious sparkly red Cheerwine!
If I had a million dollar backer, I'd put it all on the line.... because you can't back it up Biblically!  Jesus plainly said in the book of Mark, as he answered questions from (I believe) the Pharisees about divorce..."Moses allowed it because you are Hard Hearted...but then He continues and talks about how the divorcer commits adultery against the divorcee...  Other verses talk about "what God has joined together, let NO MAN separate... 
Now a little note to those sympathizers... Do Not Tolerate this kind of Behavior!  Continue to Love these people, and be there for support When the parties involved are actually seeking to right their wrong... Do Not allow your Love for them be mistaken as a sign that you support their actions.  You have got to encourage them to do what is Right!  Doing the Right thing may not always be easy, but it is ALWAYS RIGHT!  At some point we have to stand up for what is right, and separate ourselves from the situation.  Here is why I say that: What exactly are we teaching our children if we appear to support these decisions?  What jeopardy are we willing to allow our other relationships enact upon our marriages?  This in a way is like dealing with someone that has addiction issues, you have to step back and quit enabling this person, and allow them to hit rock bottom!!  We can encourage them to weigh their actions against what the Bible says, but if they are a non-believer or are continuing to pervert what they read (ie. God used that verse to tell me to do ____), then we have to remove ourselves and let their world implode... and be there to help point them back to Jesus and pick them back up to their means within the truth.

As you can tell, I am very passionate about this and am more than willing to discuss this.  If I have rubbed you wrong, if you feel like I have said something that isn't correct, if you have those scripture references that I asked for, if need help....Please confront me about this!  I have no problem talking about it.  I have a pretty thick skin and I've been around a few times, but be fore warned!  I may return the conversation at the same intensity that I receive it.

Thanks for reading,