Saturday, January 16, 2010

What if it is?!?!? Creating more Questions than answers...aka makin' ya think!

As you all know, we've had a call for prayer and assistance for everyone in Haiti. Most of you know by now that Pat Robertson has made a comment about why the Earthquake happened in Haiti, and that many people have spoke out against him. But what if Pat's statement wasn't too far off base? No I'm not saying he was right, but I'm not saying he was wrong either. I'm encouraging everyone to just think about what he said. I didn't hear everything he said nor did I do more than skim the quotes that popped up in the media outlets this week. I look at Pat sometimes as a "Peter" type of guy, someone that has an idea and blurts it out before he thinks it all the way through. Pat has made several statements that caused a rise in the Christian and secular communities more than once, but let's really ask How far off base was he?
If we look in the old testament, we can pick out numerous stories of where people hardend their hearts against God and turned away from Him. We've got numerous times where idol worship took place. And don't forget that God would allow everyone to know that He was unhappy for a while, before He ever really made a big move to disipline His unfaithful people. Now here is the part that is a kicker, as I have found a few different articles talking about Haiti's "Deal with the Devil", would a governments actions make God unhappy? One of the articles even mentioned that Haiti possibly renewed their pact with the devil in 1991. So, God could be quite angry with Haiti right many missionaries He's sent to Haiti (kind of like how He sent Profits in the OT) to help with humanitarian and spiritual needs....if they have turned their backs....Yes He could be that angry. Now if I were to say for certain that that is why the Earthquake destroyed Haiti, then I would also be saying that I knew the complete mind of God and I absolutely do not! I can say that I know God is Just in whatever He does.
Now let's also think about this.....Are we closer to the Return of Jesus than we ever have been? Yes! we are....could this have been just another labor pain of His return? Could be. The Bible tells us of Wars and increased Natural Disasters as the return nears, and although we will not know the time or day of His return, He has given us signs that allow us to know that the time is getting closer....So that is another question we should be asking ourselves....
Still another option would be the Earthquake is a result of the evil that was introduced into the world around the time of the fall of man. Does free will in this world allow for free will of all? Even evil? Could it have happened just because it happened?
A couple of things I do know!!!!! 1) We need to Pray for the Earthquake victims regardless of the reason the Earthquake happened. 2)We need to Help the victims whether it's physically working or funding the efforts (preferably the Christian efforts, because they also bring the Word). 3) We need to ask, "How am I really living"? Are we living in a way that is truly Honoring God? Are we really making an effort or just making a mockery?

My Hope is great in Jesus. I am encouraged to be Bold for my Lord this year, and extend that encouragement on to you. Continue to move closer to His light in your everyday walk, but also share in His light with those around you. A paraphrase of Mark 16:15 would say, Go YOU into all the world and Preach the Good News, the Gospel, to all that is a rough translation but the KJV version helped move a man's heart once to start a ministry......we call him Billy Graham. Have a great day and pass the Hope that is in you!