Saturday, October 23, 2010

The God of the Universe DID NOT call us to be Tolerant! He called us to be Loving!

The Title of this posting of the SossBlog, "The God of the Universe DID NOT call us to be Tolerant! He called us to be Loving" is a quote from Josh McDowell whom I heard speak last weekend at The National Conference on Christian Apologetics. As I quoted Josh as a Title, I will also be using some of his quotes in this writing simply because they are eye opening.
If you are 25 years old or older, did you know that the meaning of Tolerance has changed from when we were kids? No, Really!!! Tolerance is no longer the act of Tolerating someone or some action. Tolerance is acceptance of another belief or action as having equal validity of your own. Even further, Tolerance has gone into even promoting another's belief above your own...... STOP THE MADNESS!!!! Now I have some friends that don't believe in my Faith, or have different lifestyles than I do. Many of those lifestyles are sin-full and actually celebrate in their sin, but I do not discriminate against my friends because of their chosen lifestyle. My friends that have decided to pursue another Faith, I don't discriminate against them either. The fact is that although I do not agree and have absolute Truth as evidence that their choices are wrong, I pray for them because I do love them! Many of my friends know I think they are living a sin-full life because I am intolerant. You see, Josh McDowell pointed this out, Tolerance is an excuse to ignore and be hands off, but Love actually calls you to pray for people and help them find their way from a path that is leading them in the wrong direction. The Truth is that other Faiths will not get you where you want to go. Christianity is the ONLY Religion that provides a SINLESS SAVIOR. Erwin Lutzer used this in his sermon, "God Demands us to be as perfect as He is! God supplies a way to fulfill what He demands".....and that's through the Blood of Jesus Christ. There is only ONE Faith that provides a Savior to make us pure. Only One Faith that has a Savior that can make us as Sinless as God. So does enlightenment really move you like the statements I just made? Do the Strip Clubs or Pride Rallies really move you in a good direction? or are they just celebrations of the disease known as Sin? Does the Drunk Fest at the Sandbar give you the Soul Satisfying Salvation that you are looking for or does it only provide a temporary enjoyment as you celebrate in your sin, and have to come back next week for more? The Bible says, Sin is Fun for a while! What do you do when it's not really that fun anymore? Look for new sins? Bigger and Better sins to satisfy your urges? You see, we hold the TRUTH in the Christian Faith! That is why the World insists that we Christians are tolerant of bad behavior and False Religions, Yet the World refuses to be Tolerant of the Christian Faith. We are warned of a False Prophet in the Bible. The more I read and Learn, That False Prophet seems to be named Muhammad! If you do the same studying, you will find that Allah and Yahweh ARE NOT the same!
Here is my Challenge to you! I know many of you have learned the Bible stories as a child, but have you Truly Studied them as you've become an Adult? I challenge each one of you that will read this post to make a commitment to do a 21 day study that only takes about 10-15 minutes a day. Read the Book of John, 10-15 minutes a day for 21 days. I extend this to my Christian brothers and sisters as well!!! Have WE really read the Book of John as an Adult? If nothing else try to think about what John believes about Jesus. Who does John believe this Jesus guy is?

Thank you for reading my Blog, and for accepting my Intolerance!