Thursday, March 26, 2009

Biblical Relevance and What God did for me Yesterday!

Good morning Y'all (now that's a nice southern greeting if I've ever heard one)! I've been a part of a Mens Bible study on Sunday mornings at church. Well we started off in the Book of John and now we are Finishing up the Book of James. If you've ever made a comment about the Bible being okay for back then, but it's not relevant now then You NEED to read James! I've read through James before and it didnt have the same "slap in the face" quality as it has the past few weeks. When we went into the book and really started to read, study and discuss each chapter, I realize how relevant James really is. I've seen things in The Church (mine and many others) that James talks about. I've seen how the world now is also mirrored in what James talks about. Just read James 5: 1-6 and tell me that you dont immediately think of Big Business and the American Economy. I know you're probably thinking that I'm not really going into my complete thoughts and getting fired up like normal. That's because I really want you to read this Very Short book of the Bible. Yes, I think it's that important! If you read James and really think about what it says, and you compare it to your life and the whole world around you....... You'll be moved! One of my favorite moves many of us to action for the Homeless, and that's in James 2.....and no I'm not going to tell you, you have to find it on your own.
But that does lead in to what God did for me yesterday....... As most of you know we help the overflow winter shelters every year from December to the end of March. This is a program known as Room In The Inn. Basically we go to a location in Charlotte where they screen the folks with a breatalizer and send them out to area churches. Well as I dropped everyone off the following morning yesterday one man thanked me for dropping them off at the time I did..... He said it would keep them from having to sit around and wait for a bus, they could just go get on..... That made me feel good. I had been getting a little anxious because it was going to put me about 15 minutes late for work, but with what he said I figured what was 15 minutes when it was used as a service to Gods children? As I drove through Charlotte I was feeling pretty good about my deeds and sacrifice when I looked over and saw a man that was in a condition so much worse than that of anyone we have EVER had stay with us through RITI....... And I was Humbled.

Peace out y'all...and go read the Book of James!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Cancer

Cancer has been on the front burner in my mind for the past couple of weeks. One of my co-workers is suffering through learning that his wife has stage 4 lung cancer. That's about as bad as it gets. She also has a spot of cancer in her eye and spots in her liver and some in her bones as well. She home schooled their two children who are both elementary school aged. Believe it or not, that family has been talked about quite often when I talk to God. I know they have their Faith in Jesus Christ, but this is and will be a very hard time for all of them.
I've had relatives die from cancer, and I've had relatives battle it off too. I've had I dont know how many friends/church family fight those same battles......some have won, most havent. This disease seems to attempt to rip the hope right out of people! It's like a tool of the Devil! It makes you lower than low and there is really no cure.
One of my brothers in Christ, who has gone on to be with Jesus, lost his battle with cancer several years ago. I tell our youth about him every chance I get. His name is Wilbur Sherrill, most of you probably know his son Scott Sherrill that used to work at North Meck and now works at Lake Norman High School (If you don't that's okay). Wilbur was somewhat of a missionary. He traveled to places near the equator to minister and help build churches. He went into the Appalachian Mountains to work on ASP teams. Wilbur picked apples from trees in the community and took pies to the poor and needy. Those are just a few of the things he did.
Well, Wilbur developed cancer at some point and he faught it. It just leads us to ask how a man like Wilbur can get cancer!?! I know most of the folks I know with cancer are really good folks, but Wilbur? He was like the Good of the Good.......But wait we cant forget about a friend that Wilbur knew...... Wilbur was a friend and firm believer in Jesus Christ!
One of the most moving stories I've heard and it still pulls on my heart is a story about Wilbur and a surgery he had to fight his cancer.
Wibur had this cancer surgery and was told from the start that it was very possible he may not make it through the surgery. There was a rather good chance that he would die during this pretty serious proceedure. At some point before the surgery, someone asked Wilbur if he was scared. This is the best part!!! Wilbur went on to clarify his disposition...... He told the person, No. Wilbur then proceeded to tell them about how he wasnt scared and how he was actually in a great position. That if he died during the surgery he get to go be with Jesus, but if he made it out of the surgery he gets to keep sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and that it was a Win-Win situation.
Usually at that point I'm a blubbering mess because I remember how Wilbur served our Lord. I don't know or care to know his short comings.... I just know and remember the example of how HE served GOD!
Ya know, we just dont know why some people get cancer and others dont. We dont know why some people beat cancer and others dont........Heck we dont even know how the folks that do get cancer got it! I pray that know one you know ever gets this demon!
But here's the deal, if we go to the doctor next week and find out that we have just entered a fight for our lives..... how do we react? How will we be remembered if we loose that battle?
I hope it's how I remember Wilbur! As I leave it with you, I'm gonna leave a quote known a the John Wesley rule...... the rule of a man that was just trying to follow Jesus......
"Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can.