Friday, December 26, 2014

It's good to be loved when you feel overwhelmed.

Christmas time is here.  In fact today is the day after Christmas and the hustle and bustle is over and we move toward a new year.  The Holiday in the Sossamon house and those of our family have been exciting yet somewhat bitter sweet.
First my mom has been sick for a while now but that's all I'll mention about that out of respect for her being a private woman.
Second, we had our little girl on Dec 23 2014 at 10:38 pm......Baby Alina Rose came in with a push and a pull!  That's where the other stress has come in.  It's been an emotional roller coaster ride.  When she was born she had to get deep suctioned to make sure lungs were good and clean.  Then her sugar was low.  After getting a bottle her sugar went up, but then back down.  It's now getting fairly normal, but she hasn't started eating quite well enough yet.  She has been tested for a heart murmur, nope,  been tested for seizures, nope, and they even have some cultures right now that they are looking at with in the next 48 hours or so just to check for infections.  She does have a couple of issues that will be checked out after the results from the cultures come back, and we may have to have some surgery to correct it.  All in all she is still a pretty healthy baby, but just has a couple of tweaks before she can come home.
Steph stayed an extra night at the Hospital to be close to Alina which basically cut her out of Christmas but she needed to be near the baby and the Doctors.

As rough and trying as the many circumstances are, and regardless of the amount of tears.....We are Blessed people.  We have family near by that have absolutely been there for us.  Some have kept the twins, some have been a firm support, and some have done both!  Our circle of people that are around us have had a wonderful impact.  God has place each one of them in the place where we have needed them so that they can be most effective.  We are grateful for what all has been done by them, and for God's Providence in this.  It is not easy having a brand new baby and having to leave her at the hospital.  We know she is in good hands that God has led to her, but it's still hard not to have that bundle of joy with you.

All that is going on has made me question something.  How do people without Hope, Cope?  With the game of Good News, Bad News that we've been playing with both my Mom and my Daughter,  how could anyone ever make it without the Great Hope that is given us in Jesus?  If you want to hear some scripture, email me but I'm not going to quote any right this second.  Think about this when the world is baring down on you and you can seem to handle it, where do you turn?  As a former Olympic Track and Field star and WWII veteran put it, there are no Atheist' in fox holes or life rafts.  When the rubber meets the road and all looks lost, do you have the relationship with Jesus Christ that will give you Hope?  Jesus is called The Great Hope for a reason and I have experienced this reason several times in my life.  I'm not a water walker, but I am a believer in Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

We appreciate all of your prayers and encourage you to continue praying for us, baby Alina Rose, and for my mom.  We are extremely Blessed not by monetary things but in the fact that God put you in our lives.  You are worth more than all the Gold in the world, therefore we are Blessed!

Thank You again for loving on us.