Thursday, August 31, 2017

Memories of the Broken Hearted and then a kick in the teeth

My oldest kids started second grade just a few days ago.  I have been thinking and praying that their year of second grade is much better than mine was.  It all hit me just all of a sudden.  I had wished them well on my way out the door that morning, telling them to have a great day at school.  While at work later that morning my wife sent me a text with first day pictures and that's when it hit.  I was suddenly thinking about being in second grade and trying to think of good memories and I came back blank.  I had no good memories of second grade.  The only thing I remembered was my sister getting killed in a car wreck and everything that went with that, and continually having to stay in during recess because I couldn't get my work done for some reason.  It was just a very sad year as I remembered it.  That was Monday.  I got over it and I praised God for Blessing me with a fantastic wife and family, and the time we get to have together.  Well, on Wednesday (yesterday) I noticed a friend of mine had posted a picture of another friend.  I thought "I haven't talked with him in a few months, I need to give him a call".  That's when the friend that posted the picture called me and let me know that our mutual friend, brother in Christ, and servant of Jesus Christ had passed away.  For a minute I just couldn't move.  Words escaped me.  I found it hard to breathe and had a sick feeling in my gut.  I was again extremely sad for the second time this week, but this wasn't the past it was the here and now.  Jay McGee was a true servant of Jesus Christ.  We went on several Appalachian Service Project Mission trips together over the years and Jay had a true heart for the people he served in the name of Jesus.  Jay loved the people of the mountains.  We had talked several times over the years and he had bought himself a house in the West Jefferson area.  The Lord was leading him there.  Jay told me at one point he wanted to be able to help folks in the hills, kind of like an ASP but all the time, not just one week out of the year.  I remembered that last night when I heard my wife talking about it.  Jay served locally as well.  Jay McGee has touched lives in the Thousands upon Thousands in the name of Jesus.  Many of the people that will read this knew Jay, and will recognize that I have not embellished one bit.  If you think about the Thousands of people Jay was in contact with face to face, think about it in a compounded way.  For every person Jay shared the love of Christ with,  they have in turn have had opportunities to share about Jay, his passion, his kindness, his friendship, and his dream...... Which all point back to Jay's Lord, Jesus Christ.  As sad as it is for all of us left behind, I can't really be sad.  I don't think Jay would want us to be sad for him, especially after he has heard "well done My good and faithful servant".    So here is to Jay McGee!  Jesus follower and lover of life!  
From Jay's Facebook post:

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."
Albert Pike

~Dei Gratia~

That's so Jay!

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